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Holistic individual treatment concepts in orthodontics for children, adolescents and adults. Carried out by dentist Sophia Gyse with focus on orthodontics


Every treatment begins with the diagnostic assessment of all facts. We have made it our mission to optimize this individually for each patient using the most modern diagnostic methods. In doing so, we attach great importance to minimizing radiation exposure as much as possible during X-ray examinations and using the most precise current digital technology for the evaluation of all data. This can also include three-dimensional planning using a 3D scanner, if desired.

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Invisalign Consultation


By now, almost everyone has heard of the new treatment method using aligners or splints. They represent an innovative advancement in orthodontic treatment in the 21st century. This tissue-friendly treatment option is gaining in popularity and is not only reserved for treating adult patients. It can also be used for children and adolescents. It is possible to correct almost all types of misaligned teeth and achieve a faster and more efficient treatment compared to traditional fixed braces.


What symptoms manifest and what could be the triggering factors? Fundamentally, we pursue the treatment approach of addressing the cause of the malocclusion. The smooth functioning of the masticatory system is the primary focus, encompassing teeth, bone and musculature. The advantage here is that the aesthetic shaping of the dental arches is directly achieved as a result. Often, functional therapy additionally requires interdisciplinary collaboration to successfully eliminate all causes. Therefore, we cooperate with speech therapists, physiotherapists, surgeons and ENT specialists. Your dentist is of course an integral part of this team.



CMD stands for craniomandibular dysfunction and is just a complicated term to describe a range of symptoms that can have the masticatory system as their cause. This can include neck, back and shoulder problems, but also ear/head or facial pain and tinnitus. Through precise examination, it is often found that the origin in many cases can be traced back to an impairment of function in the masticatory system between the upper and lower jaw. Together with supporting measures from physiotherapists, osteopaths and orthopaedists, our goal is to alleviate and ideally eliminate your symptoms.






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